Embers glow within the rocks, from blaze of previous night,

Warmth and light were shared and mingled deeply with delight.

Morning comes with a soft breeze, a day of toil, and not of ease;

Late the noon, more effort, still, The man makes use of Strength and Skill.

Now evening comes, and calms the winds along the twilit sky.

Kindling lain upon the coals which beneath ashes lie.

Soon The Flame is born anew, and bright the fire burns,

Swoons of joy in revels due, as merry mirth returns.

Later still when moon hangs low, the revelers to their rest will go.

Embers glow within the rocks, from blaze of previous night…

I wish you every happiness.

~Sincerely your friend, Jack~

The short version of a very long story.

Over the past 28 years, I’ve been to 7 countries, on 3 different continents, and nearly every State in the Union.

Recently, I was asked a question about my Faith, and how it evolved from ambiguous Spirituality, to the Maturity now observed.

I obviously didn’t want to take advantage of my friend’s time with an endless tirade about my countless adventures.

Also, having explored many spiritualities, while soul searching, I saw no point in recounting every tradition I studied and experienced;

Emphasizing rather those most integral to my journey as affects my character, This was my concise reply:

Storytime: So, much of my family were Catholic, but after coming here: people intermarried with protestants, the 60’s happened… you know.
So I was brought up in a mish mash of many people in the family going to various “churches/denominations” and some going to none.
While serving in the United States Army, I actually became very enamoured with my Northern European and Scandinavian heritage and deeply explored a modern reconstructionist movement of pre Christian Northern European Spirituality. I was deeply involved in that for years, and while a noble and culturally rich path, I found it to be ultimately rather egocentric and void of any true lasting Hope.
My Heart longed for Truth.
At a certain point in my life: GOD answered my mother’s prayers in a big way, I was struck down and humbled,  stripped of the very Strength I had always Prided myself in. Led by THE HOLY SPIRIT to The Holy Catholic Church, after decades of running from and wrestling with our Very Patient Father in Heaven: I finally Surrendered. The Love, Joy, Hope, and Peace in Knowing HIM and Walking with HIM is something worth more than any platitude.
HIS Real Presence is Truly what is missing in your life. Seek HIM while HE may be found.

…just in case you were wondering.

…I’m sure you were just dying to know all of that.

I wish you every happiness…

~Sincerely your friend, Jack~

The Smile of a Patriarch

Peace this eve, long was the day, upon a first world floor I lay,

Peace this night, my burden light, weight of the world like eagle’s flight.

Thankful for the beauty bright, grateful for the gift of sight;

Learning now to take delight, in the midst of and despite of obstacles with which I fight, through the day, and every night.

No self pity do I feel, no melancholy entertained;

Who has time to writhe and reel? Such focus spent for nothing gained.

They warn that heavy is the crown, that duty tends to weigh one down;

Thanks be to GOD, for such a gift:

For I have ALWAYS Loved to Lift.

I wish you every happiness…

~Sincerely your friend, Jack~

Richard The LionHeart Lived and died pursuing the Greater Cause of Serving and Protecting his people, rather than lording over them. THAT’S Leadership.

Someone needs to hear this:

It’s not Christmas; but it didn’t feel like Christmas to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow when he wrote these words, after his wife tragically died, by accidentally falling upon a candle and catching fire. (Back then, folks wore a lot of heavy flammable clothing)………………………………………………..Anywho, he wrote this shortly thereafter. As a child, I often felt a sense of Peace and Hope hearing this song (Performed of Course by Burl Ives and his choir. Who else?) around Christmas.

As a Man: life has left me with many scars of my own, and a keen awareness of the varied and vast darkness in this world.

Sometimes Loneliness and sadness can hurt SO Bad…

This song is like a Message from GOD, a Beacon of Hope to Mr. Longfellow, and to Me;

But today I am burdened that Someone else needs to hear this.

Perhaps You…

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old familiar carols play
And wild and sweet the words repeat
Of peace on earth goodwill to men

I thought as now this day had come
The belfries of all Christendom
Had rung so long the unbroken song
Of peace on earth, good will to men
(Peace on earth, good will to men).

And in despair I bowed my head
There is no peace on earth I said
For hate is strong and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men
(Good will to men).

Then hear the bells more loud and deep
God is not dead, nor does He sleep.
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail,
With peace on earth, good will to men!

Good will to men.”

I wish you every happiness.

~Sincerely your friend, Jack~

Journeys past

Late this eve, still looking back, as if rereading an old book,

The longer that I reminisce, the further back I have to look.

Scars adorn my heart and skin,

Of wounds without and loss within;

At this darkness I now smile,

For all this has proved worth my while.

Running like a prodigal, fleeing his nobly born call,

All I valued for so long is now of no real worth at all.

Pride my ever present foe, always there before the fall,

Wandering heart to rash to know: from where I came is my True Call.

Most impressively of all, all those bad decisions I made,

Each one served to forge the steel, and sharpen fine the unseen blade;

Now the lines are drawing clear, this is cause for joy, not fear,

For before flocks can graze in peace, safe and sound from wolf’s attack:

The shepherd must commence the Hunt, so to eradicate the pack.

I wish you every happiness.

~Sincerely your friend, Jack~

“When anguish comes, they will seek peace, but there is none.”

~Ezekiel 7:25~

G.I. Joe

Duke. My favorite character from G.I. Joe.

6 years old, it’s 1989, you’re watching G.I. Joe. You admire bravery, hard work, discipline, and heroism. You want to be a hero, someday. That night, after hearing a story from the Bible, and saying prayers (because people used to do that, and with the utmost sincerity, too.) You go to bed thinking about how you want to grow up to be the best man you can be.
Later, you grow up to serve in the U.S. Army for 4 years, then you spend 10 years in the private sector,  then you become a correction officer for the State. It hasn’t been an easy journey to stability. You made more than your share of irresponsible decisions along the way, you have p.t.s.d., and you’re playing catch up; but you know it was Your decisions which led to your struggle, because you were taught about personal responsibility, growing up. One day, you look at the news, and a bunch of people also born in America are looting stores, running around acting like the bad guys in an episode of the Mister T. Cartoon. You shake your head in disgust, but also in pity. Clearly they did not grow up watching G.I. Joe, or they would know that this is how the bad guys act; not the heroes. You suppose it does matter what our children watch and fill their minds with, and that good parenting with traditional values is obviously more effective than public indoctrination of critical theory of any kind. You place your freshly cleaned Smith & Wesson M&P 15 in it’s case, wash your hands, and take a moment to pray for the country you Love, but no longer recognize. You know the war is coming, all your battle buddies have been preparing as well; you don’t ask for peace, because there is a time for everything, and right now you know exactly what time it is.
You ask only that what you know to be Right and Good and True, for All mankind under GOD to Prevail. That the culture of evil and chaos now deceiving millions of your own countrymen into rallying to destroy our strong foundation, and replace our former glory with just another poverty stricken 3rd world country be defeated, so your children and someday their children can live in a society where they are rewarded for their own merit, rather than marginalized by someone else’s lack of merit. You don’t pray for survival at any cost, because you know that the freedom of you descendants is too high a price. You ask only for victory, that America, The World’s Last Bastion of Liberty can reclaim it’s Justice, and shine as a beacon of Hope to the rest of the world; and finally, inspired by this: that the rest of the world get off their ass and fight for their own nations, and work hard to build something better in their own homeland. After all, what good is one good country, if every other country in the world sucks? How sustainable is it to keep cramming everyone into one country,  while the rest of the world is reduced to one big garbage dump? It’s not enough to bring people in from the cold,  because eventually your house will be full, and there will be more people at the door. People must learn to set their own house in order.
Right now, it’s time for us to Order OURS.

War is coming.

~Sincerely your friend, Jack~

Make me king.

Make me King.
You will LITERALLY have more Freedom and Dignity with Me as a benevolent Tyrant, than with the present administration selling your entire family to PRC, and repossessing your hard earned property to people who’ve neither served nor supported our Republic. …as was.
Since the TRAITORS like giving stuff to people they owe nothing to: I’ll give their property and other assets to Veterans they owe EVERYTHING to, but do NOTHING for.
Since they value “education” so much: I’ll take the money we USED to pay them, and use it to pay our teachers who incidentally will be allowed to actually TEACH, rather than indoctrinate, because I’m fixing our broken system. Historical FACTS which honor our founding fathers and mothers, but have been removed so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings, will be reincorporated into the curriculum. Pseudo science and anti-American marxist ideology will be discarded as the TRASH it IS.
Oh, and you’d better learn how to shoot, or be willing to relocate, because if your community drove out the Honorable Men and Women who RISK THEIR LIVES to Protect YOU: they’re not coming back. I’ll disband the atf, and create a new agency to help officers find and serve communities where they’re APPRECIATED.
Disarm? NAH. A lot less drive bys happen in neighborhoods where people shoot back, and kill the driver. THAT’S what we call a Deterrent.
I’ll disband the DEA, and give their funding to the V.A. Oh, and that homeless veteran problem? Not anymore. Every single person who wants sanctuary cities will have to open their homes as a Sanctuary to homeless vets.
Also,  professional athletes can make all those Millions,  after all: they generate SO much revenue; but so do our Military Service Members. I mean thanks to those who serve: kbr alone made enough money between 2004 and 2008 to buy Scotland. …Yes, I mean the whole place.
So here’s the deal: we’re paying our service members more.
If that means the guy who our tax dollars pay to monitor what we say on social media is out of a job: sorry Sheldon. Go work for game stop. I understand their stock just skyrocketed.
We’re taking the Medicaid budget and giving it to St. Jude, who SOMEHOW manages to do 4 times as much on less than one third of the budget. Must be because they actually CARE, unlike big pharm. Also, since big pharm has SUCH a “difficult” time managing their budget: I’ll work with the Vatican to reinstitute the Knights Hospitaller (founders of the original hospitals), and welcome them to America. Then watch medicine and procedural prices drop so quick, it will break the sound barrier. Oh, and that loss isn’t coming out of a Nurse’s salary,  Mr. Administrator; it’s coming out of YOURS. So much for socialized healthcare. Somehow, Good people in religious non profits help more people around the entire world than our mightiest industry tycoons and governments combined do in their own countries. Obviously we need to trust the Religious non profits. Funny how the people who talk about how “evil” religion is never go to Calcutta and nurse a sick child. I digress, this is just my FIRST year as king.

I wish you every happiness.

~Sincerely your friend, Jack~

Spare me your Hypocrisy, Mr. Roberts.

*DISCLAIMER THINGY: WARNING! This post is flaunt with Impassioned HONESTY. If you are predisposed to hypersensitivity: DO NOT READ THIS POST. It WILL hurt your weak, fragile feelings,  and very much threaten your impoverished ego. Artistic license has been taken by the use of profanity, in order to express severe irritation with the ignorance of otherwise intelligent people. I accept no responsibility for hurt feelings, depression, self mutilation,  or suicide as a result of having read this post.*

This is not my usual demeanor.  I prefer to be friendly,  but as a very wise man once told me:

“Sometimes love is a kick in the ass”.

You know something?

I am beyond fed up with your whining.

More than this,  I’m sick and tired of listening to you blame the hardest working and most industrious people in our society for things which you’ve done NOTHING about, except run your mouth.

Furthermore,  you’re ALWAYS WRONG. Everything you say betrays that you have the intellectual capacity of an ostrich, head buried in the sand of media rhetoric, rather than facts.

Do us all a favor: Shut up!

Stop “Virtue” signaling to get likes. There is NO Virtue in parroting popular LIES.

It’s pathetic, it’s Weak minded, and it further perpetuates the very problems you claim to despise. 

Like it or not,  The FACT IS: Your precious politicians were ENCOURAGING TRAVEL when this pandemic kicked off.

They LITERALLY CAUSED the spread,  so they could accuse a President they didn’t like of being “racist”, just like EVERYONE who says something which interferes with their narrative or their agenda.

Like the man or not: The same President so many love to hate Fought to give money to AMERICANS affected by the pandemic, while the same politicians condemning him sent the majority of funding from a 600 Billion dollar “covid relief” bill to interests which had NOTHING to do with Our Country,  and NOTHING to do with the pandemic.

The nerve of you weak minded puppets is the height of hubris. Talking incessantly about the one individual who had the courage to tell The TRUTH no one wanted to hear, as though you deserve any respect at all!

“Who are you to judge us?” You may ask:

I’m the guy who fought the war on terror,  traveled to 7 different countries on 3 different continents,  and has RISKED MY LIFE a thousand times over, all over the country and the World Protecting average citizens from dangers they are all but oblivious to.

YOU must be the other guy.

You all owe President Trump a big apology for being assholes and slandering him while he received 1 dollar per year to fight to improve our economy, national security, and LIBERTY. Remember that?

Especially YOU: Judson Roberts!

Stick to what you know, sir: FICTION.

Your novels based on Norse mythology and Scandinavian history are second to none.

Your political commentary?

I have a 15 year old son who would EMBARRASS you with FACTS debunking EVERY SINGLE FALLACY you recently posted. Of course,  if you simply LOOKED OBJECTIVELY at WHAT HAS ACTUALLY HAPPENED, you would retract your erroneous Muckraking.

Honestly,  considering how important INDUSTRIOUSNESS and RESPONSIBILITY was to Vikings: You clearly would be a disgrace to our ancestors had you lived among them, as you’re obviously on the side of incompetence and submission to totaltarianism.  YOU WEAK, PATHETIC little COWARD.

All of you impotent slaves to Tyranny,  dependent upon being dictated, as you’ve no will or wherewithal within yourself can take your generic artificial self righteousness, which is overwhelmingly ironic as You’ve NO MORALS to base it on, and Shove it straight up your candy asses! You should enjoy that,  as you spend all your energy just BEGGING the globalist elite to Fuck you up the ass.

I wish you to wake the fuck up and smell the bullshit you’ve been swallowing.

~Sincerely your friend who loves you enough to tell you the Truth you NEED to hear,  rather than the lies you think you want to hear, Jack~

Looking back and forward

Long the journey I’ve been on,

So many horizons known;

Everything and everyone, because of them all, I have grown.

Injuries and battle scars remind me of where I have been,

But more importantly of where we are; I’ll never be a fool again.

Pain teaches a man the reasons all his elders were so Right,

Make yourself strong in due season, you will have need of this might.

I wish I’d known

What I now know

As hidden things

Begin to show

I’m Fighting for

One more chance

For me to Grow!

While there’s still time I’ll become Strong.

I had the secret all along.

I Pray I go the extra mile.

I hope that I go out in style.

Thank you for your wisdom, friends. I’m ready to begin again.

Let’s remember what we’ve learned

As we take another turn.

I wish you every happiness…

~Sincerely your friend, Jack~

No longer indivisible.

All hail the Anti American, Fraudulent, corrupt institution which Falsified voting results for Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and who knows how many other Sovereign States.
Enemies of Our Constitution , and allies of Our enemies.
The Oath of enlistment many of us took, which has no expiration date, which demands we Defend our Constitution from ALL enemies, Foreign AND Domestic, is now about to get REAL.
Civil War has Just been Declared.