After so long… (Brief thoughts)

I would like to take a picture of the big Dipper, over the Northern sky, right now; but my camera would not do it justice.
It’s cooler, here. Even just north of Cincinnati, at dusk: it was not oppressively hot, like Tennessee; but now, near Lake Erie, it’s pleasantly cool.
The air smells sweet, and I am on the porch of a 140 year old house, which has been in my family, for about a Century.
There is a Joy and a Peace which comes with being among one’s own.
It’s Good to be Home.

Purpose and Time. (Musings in Prose)

In modern times, we’re surrounded by distraction.

We often talk of how much easier we have it than our ancestors; but, Overstimulated from every direction, it’s now more difficult than ever for a man to focus on his purpose.

..and what to believe…

Can a man truly believe in anything, anymore? In an age where tolerance has degenerated into mindlessness, Truth into relativism, Conquering into “oppression”, and Fact into “hate speech”.

No one loses anymore; they get “victimized” by the system. They’re not weak: you’re just evil and bigoted against… Whatever they are. Wrong color, Creed, sexual orientation, political persuasion, sports team fandom… Whatever excuse can be found to avoid the responsibility of admitting that SOMEONE worked harder, was smarter, Stronger, or was simply luckier.

True Love… I could write an entire book on this topic.

The popular consensus, at present, seems to be that it does not exist. Perhaps in our time, it doesn’t. Looking at my grandparents, who practically raised me: I would say it does, or at least: it Did.

I find it somewhere between laughably and nauseatingly ironic that, looking at history: it seems there has never been a generation so egocentric, while simultaneously being so severely lacking in capacity for True independent and critical thought. “We are our own gods!” We rail, as we placidly listen to the music, buy the brands, and Parrot the rhetoric our masters Tell us to.

What now? With Civil War approaching. History prepares to repeat itself, yet again. There is no medicine so potent for the effect of Disillusion as that of the Complete obliteration of our most arrogantly erected standards of falsehood. Perhaps one never thinks quite so Clearly as when he or she stands in a puddle of the blood of those who died thinking their sentiments and mobery made them invincible.

John Adams said that facts are stubborn things. He was correct. Much as we may want to believe something: the facts always seem to find a way to resurface. The more vehemently we battle against them: the more shock and awe we experience when sprawled upon our backs, no longer capable of struggling at all. Even Achilles proved to be not so invulnerable as many believed.

I recently heard it said that Rock bottom is an excellent foundation on which to build. I don’t know who originated that quote, but I suppose that must be true. So many great empires have been built, following the collapse of a previous one. Let’s hope those with qualities of excellence win this looming culture war. Look to any disease and poverty ridden third world country to see the results of what becomes of a Nation governed by those who are as entitled as they are incompetent.

I have to go, now. I have rebuilding of my own to attend to. I don’t know how many will read this, let alone will value what I have said; but I hope, for your sake, that unlike me: you are able to learn from other people’s mistakes, rather than your own.

I wish you every happiness…

Sincerely your friend, Jack.

Almost had Me…

Quite well done, deceitful one, Perfectly you played with me;

Every move a flawless part, Manufactured with great skill, You underestimate My Heart, Schemes cannot destroy My Will.

This was fun, and you should Know how Close you Truly Came to having All of Me as Yours, and being Honored with My Name.

A bit more presence from you here, instead of being GOD knows where:

And on Adventures that I go, I would have brought you with me there …

I wish you every happiness.


Unspoken Knowledge

Much we know is left unsaid,  

Unwritten, and yet somehow read,

Though hidden deep within the heart,   

Such knowledge will our deeds impart.

Despite social conformity, 

 enslaving all to normalcy;   

Rhetoric and generic fears

can’t stop what took thousands of years     

for mankind to evolve and learn,

developing instincts which Yearn

like fire fed, so as to burn, 

so that it may give warmth in turn.

Liars will manipulate, 

   but in the end, we will succumb

 to Nature which they frustrate, 

 and what we were, we shall become;

For each of us come from a tribe,

by which ancestors came to thrive, 

not merely did they then survive;

but Family became Alive.

Cowards will hide behind the mask,

they sell our souls, in gold to bask;

Yet artificial stigma used, 

 our Natural happiness to blind,  

 will never leave us all confused,

 for Truth inherent in the mind 

  will triumph over lies, at last.

So in perspective of the past, 

yet conscious in this Present time,

 By words the Truth may not come fast, 

But is Known by Spirit Sublime.

Let fools enslaved to their convention

 scoff stupidly in contention;

As We Smile at their surprise,

and laugh at silly irony: 

A Joy, The Meeting of Our Eyes,

 to Cherish such Good Company…            


I wish you every happiness…


That was the end; This is The Beginning…

A crimson hue adorns the cloud which billows from the flame,

Which sends him forth upon his voyage, who’s won a Noble Name.

For fear of death and love of life, he shrank not from the war;

Greater the cause within his heart, his kith and kin meant more.

Onslaught with lies from envious eyes of those who coveted their hard won prize:

Outnumbered and outflanked they fought, so to protect their rightful lot;

For history, their foes forgot, nobility, remembered not, ’til all that they beheld was flaw,  justice forsook, renouncing law.

So it was left to Faithful sons to defend from the mindless hoard, proud heritage of folk beloved, honor of Lady, Respect of Lord.

With kindness and fair words they tried, that hospitality might prevail, against the tragic end of peace, against which men of chaos rail;

Yet, in the end as always was, it happens as it always does,

For hive mind dulls the purest heart, and blinds the sharpest eyes,

Untill they recognize no truth, and welcome only lies.

Impassioned in their zealous Error, they work what evil spirits have willed;

Stampeding like cattle in terror, ceasing not ’til much blood is spilled.

So war ensues, much is consumed, destruction sweeps the land, Warriors of old, Mighty and Bold defend their home and clan;

Reminded of Reality, what’s left of mindless mob will flee.

Nobility ever our friend,    society rebuilds again.

The warrior smiles from ODIN’S Hall, His children triumph through it all,

They Celebrate, after the end, the story, it begins again…

I wish you every happiness.